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Arbolate™ is an Eco-friendly Rigid Thermal Insulation Foam Board Designed for Indoor Applications.

Arbolate™ is a biobased, lightweight, open cell thermal insulation foam board made of wood fibrils using nanotechnology. It is designed for indoor thermal insulation needs with water repellent, fire retardant and high application (service) temperature properties. It is environmentally safe and contains no adhesives, blowing agents, and formaldehyde.

Arbolate™ is a green alternative to petroleum based insulation product currently available on the market.


This innovative technology and the product was developed under National Science Foundation (NSF) STTR Phase I/IB Project.

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technology is under development

This technology is under development. If you are interested pre-released technical data sheet of Arbotile ™ and would like to learn more about the technology, please e-mail to info@.

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Arbotile™ is an innovative suspended ceiling tile comes from the forests.

Arbotile™ is a nanocellulose based, compostable, suspended ceiling tile under development to eliminate environmental, health and performance problems posed by currently-available products on the market.


Revolution Research Inc. (RRI) Awarded / Project to Develop “Green” Ceiling Tiles

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This technology is under development. If you are interested in our technologies please e-mail to info@.

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Revolution Research Inc. (RRI) has received several federal grants from National Science Foundation (NSF), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Maine Technology Institute (MTI) to fund the research project and the commercialization of its products. Revolution Research has won UMaine Business Challenge in 2015, completed Maine Top Gun Accelerated Program and won the first place in competition. Revolution Research has also been nominated as people’s choice startup company in Greenlight Maine Challenge.